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Panama Lamastus Family El Burro Estate Geisha Natural Lot #17-2501

Panama Lamastus Family El Burro Estate Geisha Natural Lot #17-2501

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Region: Potrerillos, Dolega

Farm: EL Burro Estate, Lamastus Family

Producer: Wilford Lamastus

Altitude: 1575-1800 masl

Harvest: 2024

Varietal: Geisha

Process: Natural

Lot: EBGN #17 2501

(Resting for this lot was began on the 25th of January 2024)

Notes: Dark Plum, Stewed Apricot, Brown Sugar, Ceylon Tea, Sweet & Lingering


Roasted by: Loring S7

Roasted for: Filter 

Size: 100g

Shipping: We send out orders within 7 days after roasting, please click here for more details.



About the farm

The Lamastus Family Estates is a coffee company founded by Robert Lamastus in 1918 and the continued by his son Thatcher. It comprises three coffee plantations. Elida Estate is the original farm founded by Robert Lamastus in 1918, El Burro Estate was originally owned by Amado Boutet (Thatcher's father in-law), and Luito Geisha Estate was founded by Luito Lamastus in 2014 (Thatcher’s son). All the farms, each with very different terroirs, are located within the Boquete region of the Panamanian highland territories. Coffee trees in these estates are planted in rich deep young volcanic soils and are kept in optimum conditions to develop the best quality coffee. The cherries are delicately hand-picked, at strict full maturity. The coffee is then processed with most care to keep the rich flavor of the coffee in three different processing methods (Natural, Washed, and Honey). Because of the high altitudes where the coffee is grown the beans are very dense and uniform and they are mild with a medium body, good aroma, and high acidity. Lamastus Family is arguably one of the best coffee farm in the world.

Coffee trees in El Burro Estate have a very unique growing condition, where they are shade grown and surrounded by a private virgin-forest reserve and a National Park. The farm is biological rich which also serves as host to many exotic native species of plants, birds and mammals. Weather conditions for this growing area is usually foggy and misty during the first half of the dry season. These altogether make very distinguished and high quality cup of coffee.



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