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Panama Altieri Coffee Catuai Natural ASD Lot ROLA 0102

Panama Altieri Coffee Catuai Natural ASD Lot ROLA 0102

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 Region: Boquete

Farm: Altieri Specialty Coffee

Producer: Altieri Family

Altitude: 1350-2200 masl

Harvest: 2024

Varietal: Catuai

Process: Natural ASD

Lot: ROLA 0102

Notes: Mixed Berries, Red Grape, Molasses, Sweet and Round


Roasted by: Loring S7

Roasted for: Filter 

Size: 200g

Shipping: We send out orders within 7 days after roasting, please click here for more details.



About the farm

Altieri Specialty Coffee is a family owned group of coffee growing farms from Boquete in Panama. It was founded by Eugene Altieri, who is an Italian-American businessman residing in Panama who bought the farms. Altieri had won various awards during the past decades. To continue with Eugeneʼs legacy, the second generation of the family work together to expand the Altieri Specialty Coffee brand. 

Altieri Family consists of 2 farms. Alto Lino is an area of 12 hectares between 1300 and 1375 meters above the sea level, where caturra and catuai are harvested. While in the area of Callejon Seco, there are harvests of typica, catuai and geisha. This area consists of 45 hectares between 1700 and 2200 meters above sea level, located on the slopes of the Barú Volcano and within the National Park. The terroir is not simply a beautiful natural conservation area, but also because it is surrounded of cloudy forest that offers a very unique and special flavor to nourish the plants and hence to be rewarded in the final cup.

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