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Panama Guarumo Coffee Farm Chico Gallo Natural

Panama Guarumo Coffee Farm Chico Gallo Natural

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Region: Santa Clara, Renacimiento, Chiriquí Province, Panama

Farm: Guarumo Coffee Farm

Producer: Allan and Ratibor Hartmann

Altitude: 1750 masl

Harvest: 2023

Varietal: Chicho Gallo 

Process: Natural

Notes: Honeysuckle, Plumcot, Citrus Honey, Creamy


Roasted by: Loring S7

Roasted for: Filter 

Size: 100g

Shipping: We send out orders within 7 days after roasting, please click here for more details.


The varietal Chicho Gallo is well known by winning 1st place in the Best of Panama “Varietal” category from the recent two years. It is believe the varietal comes from the Amaro Gallo region of Ethiopia, which is considered as a unique Ethiopian Landrace species. 



About the farm

Guarumo Coffee Farm is a 4 hectares farm located in Santa Clara, Renacimiento, Chiriquí Province, at 1.750 meters. The farm was founded by Allan and Ratibor Hartmann and their families, with the idea of applying and implementing their experiences in coffee production and processes to an own, small farm located at high altitude, planting it with special varieties and applying artisan processes targeting the current demand for specialty coffee markets worldwide. Except Geisha, there are varietals e.g. AF-2, Chicho Gallo, Mocca, AR-36 and Beloya, a combination not found anywhere else in Panama so far. Most of these seeds were brought in from Ethiopia trying to give them a “new home” on this farm in Panama and so far the results are outstanding.

The climate on the farm is a medium and high mountain tropical climate. Due to the high elevation the temperatures at night fall very low. Mountain rains are strong in the lower part and decrease with height. Rains of mist or spray called "bajareques" are frequent. These harsh conditions make the plants work very hard in the growth and production of coffee cherries, resulting in extraordinary flavour profiles, very different to similar varietals planted in a different or lower location.

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